Historically, CAGRD satisfied its replenishment obligation primarily through recharge of excess CAP water.  However, excess CAP water is not a dependable, long-term source.  The future availability of excess CAP water is uncertain due to increasing use of M&I and Indian priority CAP supplies, and potential shortages on the Colorado River.  As a result, CAGRD intends to shift its reliance to other, more reliable water supplies, but will continue to utilize excess CAP water when it is available.  Acquisition of new water supplies will occur to keep pace with increasing obligation.

Currently, the CAGRD holds a portfolio of long-term, reliable water supplies yielding an average of 36,573 acre-feet per year.  These supplies include the following: 

  1. A CAP M&I priority subcontract for 8,311 acre-feet per year (as of March 2016)
  2. A 100-year lease of 2,500 acre-feet per year of Non-Indian Agricultural (NIA) priority CAP water from the White Mountain Apache Tribe.
  3. Long-term storage credits assumes 657,700 AF over 100 years = 6,577 acre-feet per year.
  4. CAP NIA priority subcontract for 18,185 acre-feet per year.
  5. Effluent Lease of 2,400 acre-feet per year.
 Summary of CAGRD Water Supply Acquisitions in 2015

CAGRD Acquisitions 2015