Below are statutes that relate to the CAGRD. All of these Statutes are available at:

Title 45 - Waters


Certificate of assured water supply; designated cities, towns and private water companies; exemptions; definition

Determining consistency with management goal in a replenishment district, conservation district and water district

Replenishment district plans, conservation district plans and water district plans

Director's review of plans

Termination of designation for members of conservation district or members of water district; moratorium on adding new member lands and member service areas

Determining water sufficiency and availability; water availability status capability plans


Conservation district account; replenishment reserve sub account; debits and credits

Annual reports by conservation districts; penalties

Title 48 - Special Taxing Districts



Powers of the board

Powers of district

District replenishment obligations; replenishment location; source of replenishment; exception

Duties and powers of district regarding replenishment

Additional duties; special fund; revolving fund

Qualification as member land

Category 1 member lands; category 2 member lands; fees


Storage and recovery outside the district

Municipal provider reporting requirements

Assessment levy

Annual Membership Dues

Qualification as a member service area

Member service area; replenishment reserve

Annual replenishment tax; contract replenishment tax

Delinquent assessments and taxes; interest; failure to file report; civil penalties; violation; classification

Inspections, investigations and audits