CAGRD Membership & Enrollment

Any city, town, private water company or subdivision located in the Phoenix, Pinal or Tucson AMA (Active  Management Area) may join CAGRD so long as it meets the State’s requirements.

The CAGRD is comprised of two types of members:

An individual subdivision joins the CAGRD when (1) its owner records covenants running with the land that include the land in the CAGRD and subject the land to the replenishment assessment, and (2) the municipal provider that supplies the subdivision records a covenant agreeing to submit annually to the CAGRD the water delivery information necessary to calculate the replenishment assessment for each tax parcel. The commitment made by CAGRD upon enrollment of Member Lands is clearer than that for Member Service Areas. This is because the boundaries of the subdivision define the Member Land, and once enrolled, the boundaries of the Member Land cannot be modified without approval by the CAGRD. In addition, the applicant must establish the number of individual units (homes, businesses, etc.) that are to be built within the subdivision before it can receive a Certificate of Assured Water Supply from the Department of Water Resources. This provides a fairly clear projection of the Member Land's long-term water use. Obtain an enrollment application and other related forms.

A city, town or water company becomes a member of the CAGRD when:

  • it adopts a resolution that declares its service area and all extensions thereof to be in the CAGRD, and
  • an agreement is executed by and between CAWCD and the city, town or water company, and
  • the city, town or water company receives a designation from the Arizona Department of Water Resources

When applying to enroll a service area in the CAGRD, the applicant provides a projection of future population and water use. This projection serves as a basis for estimating CAGRD's long-term replenishment obligation for the service area. However, changing political and economic conditions could impact population growth and/or the service area boundaries, and consequently CAGRD's long-term obligation. Therefore, the commitment made by the CAGRD through enrollment of a Member Service Area will not be fully known until many years into the future. Obtain an enrollment application and other related forms.

CAGRD Member Land Enrollment Process

Learn how new development can join the CAGRD, our role in Central Arizona’s water management, and the day to day processes that allow us to replenish over 30,000 acre-feet of groundwater each year.