Annual Reports to CAGRD

According to state law (A.R.S. Section 48-3775), each municipal provider that delivers water to CAGRD Member Lands or a CAGRD Member Service Area must file an Annual Report by March 31 of each year with CAGRD. The purpose for the Annual Report is to notify CAGRD of the amount of groundwater delivered to each parcel of ML or to a MSA. The report identifies the volume of excess groundwater delivered to each member, which results in a replenishment obligation for CAGRD.

CAGRD Member Land Water Provider Annual Reporting Tutorial

CAGRD has produced a 45-minute instructional video to assist Member Land water providers in filling out the Annual Reports. The video contains information on the following:

  • The overall annual reporting process, including the Parcel Change Report
  • Instructions on how to fill out water-use data by subdivision
  • Tips to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Instructions on how to fill out the Comingle Factor (and when it applies) as well as the Excess Groundwater Percent
  • Instructions on how to check for errors and finalize and submit reports to CAGRD

For further information regarding CAGRD’s Annual Report Form and reporting requirements, please contact Monika Tkaczyk, 623-869-2779.