Replenishment Obligations

CAGRD must replenish (or recharge) in each Active Management Area (AMA) the amount of groundwater pumped by or delivered to its members that exceeds the pumping limitations imposed by the Assured Water Supply (AWS) Rules. This category of water is referred to as “excess groundwater.”

Recharge may be accomplished through the operation of underground storage facilities or groundwater savings facilities. CAWCD may sell its indirect storage and recovery credits to CAGRD at fair value.

Actual Replenishment Obligation to Date
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The above graph shows CAGRD’s replenishment obligation through time for each of the AMAs in our service area. Replenishment obligation peaked in 2007 and exceeded 40,000 acre-feet. From 2009 through 2021, CAGRD’s replenishment obligation has remained relatively constant and fluctuated between roughly 30,000 to 35,000 acre-feet. Replenishment data is available by August of the following year; for example, replenishment data from calendar year 2024 would be available in August of 2025.

Projected Obligations
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Official projections of replenishment obligation are included in the Plan of Operation. The above graph shows projected obligation from 2022 through 2034. Updated projections will be available in 2025 as part of the 2025 Plan of Operation, which is currently in development.