The Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) is required by law to submit a plan of operation to the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) every 10 years per Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) §45-576.02.C. The purpose of the plan of operation, as defined by statute, is to describe the activities that CAGRD proposes to undertake during the 100 calendar years following submittal of the plan.

Required elements of the Plan of Operation include:

  • The CAGRD’s replenishment obligation and its fulfillment for the previous ten years.
  • A 20-year projection of replenishment obligation for current members and a 100-year projection of replenishment obligation for current and potential members.
  • A description of the water resources that CAGRD plans to use for replenishment for the first 20 years of the plan and water resources potentially available to the CAGRD for replenishment during the subsequent 80 calendar years.
  • A description of CAGRD’s replenishment reserve in each active management area for the 10 years preceding the current plan and planned replenishment reserve activities for the ensuing 10 years.
  • A description of any facilities and projects to be used for replenishment and the replenishment capacity available to CAGRD during the next 20 years.
  • An analysis of potential storage facilities that may be used by CAGRD for replenishment purposes.
  • A description of CAGRD’s capability to meet the current and projected groundwater replenishment obligations for the 20 calendar years following the calendar year in which the conservation district submits the plan.
  • Additional information to comply with the Water Sufficiency and Availability Act of 2000.
  • Any other information that the Director may require.
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CAGRD and Underground Storage Committee

The committee aids the CAWCD Board by addressing issues, policies and proposed legislative amendments relating to CAGRD responsibilities and authorities and CAWCD’s underground storage and recovery activities.

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Plan of Operation and Mid-Plan Reviews

The CAGRD 2015 Plan of Operation described actions CAGRD proposes to undertake in the Phoenix, Pinal and Tucson Active Management Areas during the next 100 years.

Water Provider Annual Report

See details and a video tutorial on how municipal providers that deliver water to CAGRD Member Lands (ML) or a CAGRD Member Service Area (MSA) file annual reports to notify CAGRD of the amount of groundwater delivered to each ML or MSA parcel.

Water replenishment
Replenishment Obligations

View the actual and projected excess groundwater CAGRD has replenished, or might replenish, in each Active Management Area for its members.

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Statutes and Policies

See the statutes and policies that relate to the CAGRD.

CAGRD Reports and Information

View annual reports CAGRD must submit to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) each year to notify ADWR of the previous year’s CAGRD replenishment obligations.