Listed are statutes that relate to the CAGRD.

Title 45 - Waters
45-576 Certificate of assured water supply; designated cities, towns and private water companies; exemptions; definition
45-576.01 Determining consistency with management goal in a replenishment district, conservation district and water district
45-576.02 Replenishment district plans, conservation district plans and water district plans
45-576.03 Director's review of plans
45-576.06 Termination of designation for members of conservation district or members of water district; moratorium on adding new member lands and member service areas
45-576.07 Determining water sufficiency and availability; water availability status capability plans
45-802.01 Definitions
45-859.01 Conservation district account; replenishment reserve sub account; debits and credits
45-877.01 Annual reports by conservation districts; penalties
Title 48 - Special Taxing Districts
48-3701 Definitions
48-3712 Powers of the board
48-3713 Powers of district
48-3771 District replenishment obligations; replenishment location; source of replenishment; exception
48-3772 Duties and powers of district regarding replenishment
48-3773 Additional duties; special fund; revolving fund
48-3774 Qualification as member land
48-3774.01 Category 1 member lands; category 2 member lands; fees
48-3775 Reports
48-3776 Storage and recovery outside the district
48-3777 Municipal provider reporting requirements
48-3778 Assessment levy
48-3779 Annual Membership Dues
48-3780 Qualification as a member service area
48-3780.01 Member service area; replenishment reserve
48-3781 Annual replenishment tax; contract replenishment tax
48-3782 Delinquent assessments and taxes; interest; failure to file report; civil penalties; violation; classification
48-3783 Inspections, investigations and audits

All of these Statutes are available at: http://www.azleg.state.az.us/