There is much confusion about the relationship between CAWCD and CAGRD. The CAGRD is not actually a "stand alone" district, it is merely the name by which the replenishment authorities given to CAWCD are referred. The CAGRD is a department within CAWCD and, as such, is governed by the CAWCD Board of Directors.


A key distinction between the CAGRD and other departments within CAWCD is that the CAGRD's finances are segregated from the rest of CAWCD's finances and all costs incurred by the CAGRD must be paid by the CAGRD members. Another distinction is that the customer base served by CAWCD consists of CAP contractors and subcontractors. The CAGRD's customer base consists of Member Lands and Member Service Areas that have contracted with CAWCD for replenishment services.