Water Use it Wisely LogoCAGRD helps protect our state’s precious water resources, replenishing the water CAGRD members use with a renewable water supply by recharging our aquifers to ensure Arizona’s water future.


Our state is a desert, and so conservation is especially important. Less groundwater use by CAGRD members means less replenishment obligations for CAGRD, a corresponding reduction in the volume of water necessary for CAGRD to acquire and lower costs for CAGRD members. CAP supports conservation by being a partner and supporter of the Water Use It Wisely regional campaign.


In 2020, CAGRD commissioned a study to identify water use trends and opportunities for conservation strategies, as well as to provide broad recommendations to advance our conservation program. The report, “CAGRD Membership Water Demand Analysis for Water Conservation Planning,” was presented at the April 16, 2020 CAGRD and Underground Storage Committee meeting. Key takeaways included:

  • the ideal time to influence home owner decisions regarding the largest water-consuming activities (landscaping and pool installation) is within three years of purchase;
  • a conservation program should focus on single-family residences and homeowner associations (HOAs); and,
  • CAGRD can maximize its conservation program by partnering with its water providers, home builders and management companies of HOAs.


Partnership and cooperation has been a key component of CAGRD’s conservation program since its inception in 2006.  As we look to improve our program, we’re reaching out to the water providers who supply our Member Lands and Member Service Areas to identify projects we can collaborate on as well as learn from their expertise in conservation.