CAGRD Membership Locator

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Understanding your relationship with the CAGRD can be challenging. There are multiple membership types and different laws may apply depending on different locations. The Membership Locator helps you discover what CAGRD membership means, whether you’re located in a Member Land (ML) or Member Service Area (MSA) and helps estimate any replenishment fees.

After launching the locator, enter an address in the search box in the upper right corner or click on the map to find out if a location is in the CAGRD.

Property owners in a ML may see CAGRD replenishment fees on their county property tax statements and may pay yearly fees through the county assessor’s offices. Residents and property owners in MSAs pay any CAGRD fees through their water bills.

Understanding CAGRD fees

As a special district of CAP, all CAGRD replenishment activities are required to be paid for by its members. CAGRD fees include annual membership dues and a replenishment assessment based on the amount of groundwater needing to be replenished. For MLs, the membership dues and replenishment assessment are collected from each lot; MSAs pay dues and a replenishment assessment based on the entire service area of the water provider. In all cases, CAGRD uses the money it collects to replenish any necessary groundwater and to acquire future water supplies to meet the demands of tomorrow’s central and southern Arizona.