In its 2015 Plan of Operation, the CAGRD projected that its total annual replenishment obligation for current members, and members expected to enroll by 2024, would rise to 86,900 acre-feet by 2034.  This reflects a significant reduction in projected demand from both the 2004 Plan, which projected an obligation of 227,000 acre-feet annually by 2035, and the 2011 Mid-Plan Review that reduced that projected annual obligation to 136,500 acre-feet. Additionally, the 2015 Plan projects that the replenishment obligation in 100 years will total approximately 113,000 acre-feet per year.


CAGRD Obligation


Annual Replenishment Obligation


CAGRD Portfolio Demand

Existing Portfolio vs. Projected Demand 


A reduction in groundwater use by CAGRD members generally results in a reduction in CAGRD replenishment obligations and a corresponding reduction in the volume of water supplies CAGRD needs to acquire. To emphasize the importance of efficient water use by CAGRD members, the Board adopted a CAGRD Conservation Program in 2006.