CAGRD 2019 Mid-Plan Review

 Over the past year, through a series of reports and briefings to the CAGRD and Underground Storage Committee, CAGRD staff members have reviewed the trends and operational activities that have occurred since the approval of the 2015 Plan of Operation. The 2019 Mid-Plan Review document includes the key findings shared with the Committee and provides a current status of CAGRD operations. The Mid-Plan Review is not required by law, but rather is a commitment by the Board to enhanced reporting and transparency in CAGRD’s operations.


Highlights from the 2019 Mid-Plan Review included:

  • CAGRD continues to fulfil its statutory duties and complies with Arizona laws
  • Enrollment has trended lower than projections in the 2015 Plan of Operation
  • Obligations have remained relatively steady (approx. 30,000AF/Y)
  • Current water portfolio is well positioned; reduced reliance on excess CAP water
  • Plan to mitigate potential risks to NIA supplies from future shortages by accrual of LTSCs
  • Replenishment Reserve accrual is on track
  • Storage capacity remains sufficient to meet needs
  • Based on current assets and projected revenues, CAGRD is prepared to meet its statutory obligations